Friday, February 11, 2011

Another Hole in Creationism... (a short blog post)

When God created Man, and everything that IS, (according to creation science), He did so PERFECTLY.

But what is interesting to me is this...according to creationism, man brought sin into the world, which is "why" we have diseases such as malaria, cancer, etc...

So when i thought about this for a moment, a question entered my mind..."why do humans have immune systems"?  (if in fact we were originally created perfectly without the fall of "sin" aka "diseases". Did God plan for us to fail? Why create us "perfectly" If he already predetermined us to fail?

Think about that guys :)



  1. good stuff. time to go troll some religious people

  2. @Thuganomics exactly! This is a great argument.

  3. all part of evolution, as we reproduce offspring we pass off different traits to our offspring and over millions of years we build up all of these immunities, well at least thats what i think

    from this book i'm reading called Anarchy Evolution it talks lots about evolution from what i've read in the book thats where i'm coming up with the idea

  4. I certainly do not believe in creationism but isn't it possible that the bodies immune system has developed over time in response to the sin that was released into the world?

  5. @rocknrollcrazy @Jr YES THATS VERY TRUE! BUT, ur missing ONE thing, creationism is tryin to claim our bodies built up these immunities in just 6000 years, speaking in evolutionary terms, thats a big F^&* leap!

  6. Not quite related to the post but a bit related. I hate wehenver there's a disaster or tragedy and someone says that it was God's will. That's such a disgusting thing to say at a juncture like that. It takes away from the impact of the actual event and is almost a spit in the face of those that are affected since you're attributing their suffering to either their own ill deeds or offering them as a ritual sacrifice because some deity is angry. Fuck that.