Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Fatal Straw-Man...

So the common Creationist comes up to you and poses you with this argument:

 "a clock is simply too complex to not have a designer, if there is design, their MUST be a designer"

 Yes...I realize that you might not know what to say at first, it is a bit blunt, to say the least. Well my friend, the best response is to go back to your philosophical roots. You don't even need science to argue it! 

They say "design" implies a "designer". Well why does it have to be design anyhow? Who's to say there is even "design"? what qualifies as "design", and why does that indicate a "designer"?  This argument would in fact work in a human society. But to quantify design OUTSIDE of the human exterior is simply pure ignorance. This is because we KNOW we design. We have NO evidence that ANYTHING in the universe was/is designed or has design for that matter.

So the next time a creationist pulls the clockwork straw-man on you, just ask him...Why? He/she will NOT be able to refute you or hold their ground for that matter.

Good Luck Thinkers!



  1. Another argument would be - Who says the "designer" must be sentient, evolution DOES have a designer...Natural Selection.

    The rest of the universe? The laws of physics

  2. Very true. But nothing indicates that, that is "design". Design is a made up word by man. What is design?

  3. Great! I love learning this kind of stuff to argue with creationist friends.