Thursday, February 10, 2011

The DNA evidence REFUTING "Noah's Ark"

The DNA evidence refuting Noah’s Ark



In the biblical account of the Worldwide Flood, God goes to a man named Noah and tells him that Man has become too evil and must be destroyed. Apparently God favored Noah, considering Noah's relatively clean lifestyle. God chose him and his family to repopulate the earth. So to be brief God tells him that he must build a boat large enough to fill 2 of every kind of animal on earth so as to repopulate animal life when the flood is over. Unfortunately, if this were true then we would see low genetic variabilities in almost all animals.

Take for example the cheetah, the cheetah at one point in its history went through a bottleneck. This means that a large population of cheetah were some how destoyed and only a few remained. When a species trys to rebuild from a population of a few hundred it faces extinction, why? Because there is low genetic variability to ensure survival. This also explains the extremely high sperm count in the cheetah. It is obvious that the pressures of low genetic variabilities made the need to procreate more often so as to ensure the survival of the species. Now if the earth were 6 thousand years old and the flood happened, lets say 3000 years ago, then that would not be enough time in evolutionary terms to repopulate all animal life and have high genetic variabilites. When we can see that the cheetah went through a bottle neck 10,000 years ago that is not enough time to ensure high genetic variabilities.

Obviously considering that there are only about 2500 cheetahs left on this planet. There are 6 billion humans. Which do you think has a wider variety of variabilites in their genome? Let us also consider that humans went through a bottleneck 70,000 years ago, leaving about 10,000 left to repopulate. That gives humans more time and numbers to have a wider variety of variabilities. That partly expains our large population and that shows why we all have so many different features, blue eyes, brown eyes, green eyes, hazel, ect...Im still not finished. Let us also look at the different skin colors of humans. It takes more than 6000 years to make a black skinned human white. So if this transition of skin colors never occurred, does that mean that God made all the skin colors seperate? Is God racist? From the biblical account it says that Noah and his family were from the middle east, they would be neither black or white, more a mix. But 6,000 years is not going to create a darker race of humans. The human genome clearly shows that humans migrated out of africa.

Researchers compared 650,000 genetic markers in nearly a thousand individuals from 51 populations around the globe. They all tracked back to a small population of people living in the southern part of Africa. Along with fossil evidence, this tells us that humans began their way out of Africa some 100,000 years ago. Therefore, humans must of went from dark skin to light in a period of 100,000 years. This happened because when one goes up north above the equator, the need for darker skin deminishes thus loosing skin pigement and becoming "white". Thats why Northern Europeans have lighter skin than that of Africans. Now remember you only see this evolutionary transition in a population, not an individual so a black person will not turn white if he heads north or south. To conclude, I will leave you with this, nowadays with DNA and fossil evidence we scientists can unravel any mystery of how we are the way we are. Thankyou.

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  1. Noah's Arc story is like swiss cheese.. whole lotta holes.

  2. i feel like logically, noah's ark didn't make sense anyway

  3. hey man. I've had the same discussion with a priest. an orthodox one. The Genesis Book is more like little stories with morals. All the things like Adam and Eve, Noah's Ark and Moses are just stories with a message, nothing to be taken seriously. Nice post though. Try seperating it in sections, make it easier to the reader.

    I'll follow you, very interesting blog.

  4. I have always thought that the story of Noah's Ark seemed like bull. I am not trying to spark any type of religious debate or anything but this article brings together scientific evidence to back up my original thoughts.

  5. That's a great way to think about it. The only problem is that most Creationists already disregard evolution. It's like debating a wall.

  6. very interesting, i might bring up some of these points my friend soon, we talked about this not long ago.
    check out my blog why your at it.

  7. thanks for checkin out my vids =] i dont care much for the STOOPID BOWL either , but i always love watching the commericals =]